effects of this invasion in our communities

crime increase

property damage during bailouts, theft of vehicles and border patrol officers being shot at are only a few of the crimes that result of this invasion.

surge in drug related deaths

as of  April, the amount of fentanyl seized by authorities, exceeded by 35%, the total of seizures performed during the whole year, in 2020.

900% increase IN covid cases

Covid positive illegal aliens are pouring over our Texas border at an alarming rate, causing a rapid and deadly spike of
over 900% infection increase across our southern counties.

CHILD & sex trafficking

Criminal organizations reportedly make around $14 million a day in by trafficking women, children, and families across the U.S.-Mexico border.


we can no longer sit on the side lines, while our country is being invaded, and the government is complicit of this action. as citizens we have power to make a difference, if we organize and work together.

in this area, you can find various action items to help us put a stop on this invasion!